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What is Transition Gawler?

Everyone has heard about the threats and impacts of climate change and our society’s dependence on fossil fuels, and Transition Gawler is here to help you do something about it!

Transition Gawler is a dynamic, community-led group that exists to develop practical ways for our community to live sustainably. We want to act as a catalyst for the whole community to take part. We also acknowledge Gawler acts as a regional hub and as such we welcome the involvement of people and groups from the broader region.

The Transition Town movement sprang from the concerns around climate change and resource depletion, but Transition projects are not only addressing our energy sources and needs, but also protecting communities from over-dependence on fossil fuels and ridiculously long supply chains, as well as strengthening the local economy. We CAN create local jobs through relocalising production and fostering entrepreneurs, as well as reducing the cost of living and at the same time building community spirit.

Transition Gawler is a collection of volunteers and a small steering committee, who come together to work on projects. Anyone can be involved. Everyone has something to offer and people who get involved are from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and experiences.

Transition Gawler  is about people taking a greater interest in their present and future needs; being more aware of the world in which they live; thinking about the way they really want to live, about who is impacted by the current system and how, and about getting stuck in to make those positive changes happen, from the bottom upwards.

This short video above was created for Transition Gawler by Environmental and Science Media

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