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“First Fridays” Catch up at the PA

We have noticed that often successful projects seem to “just happen” (including the creation of Transition Gawler) as a result of people having a chat over a couple of drinks in a social setting.

So taking this into account we have decided to create an informal monthly get-together, which is open to anyone who wants to turn up, say hi, get to know others already involved in Transition Gawler or are wanting to get involved with Transition Gawler “things”.

The aims of “First Fridays” includes:

  • getting to know other people within the Gawler Community
  • being able to share ideas
  • being inspired by others ideas
  • being able to turn ideas into reality
  • Supporting a local business which also supports local.

So if you have you been wanting to find out more about Transition Gawler, want to get involved but don’t know how, or just want to meet and chat with others who are interested in creating a sustainable future for Gawler then come along and join us on the First Friday of each month at the PA Hotel (109 Murray St, Gawler) from around 7:30pm for “First Fridays @ the PA” (check the Calendar for actual dates).

If you don’t already know any of us just ask at the bar, and they will be able to point you in the right direction, and don’t worry we are a friendly and welcoming bunch so you don’t need to know any secret handshakes or passwords to join in.

Oh and if your wondering why we have chosen the PA, apart from being a great little pub, they share a lot of our values such as supporting local, promoting locally grown and produced food, and hence reducing food miles, and they have some really yummy cider on tap!!!

Remember to keep an eye on our Calendar for other events which may be of interest.

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