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Bushfire Resilience Strategy Forum April 2015

imagePrompted by the Sampson Flat fires which occurred in January 2015, and resulted in a number of houses being destroyed, and 12,500 hectares (31,000 acres) of land being burnt, including forest and grazing land, Transition Gawler initiated a Bush Fire Resilience Strategy Forum which was held on 24 April 2015 at the Hewett Community Centre.

The intention of the forum was to support and educate residents on fire prevention and mitigation through a new set of design principles and to send a strong message of solidarity and show people in fire risk areas that the community at large is there to support them.

The forum consisted of three speakers, followed by a Q & A session.

Keynote speaker David Holmgren has written publications about bushfire resilient landscapes and communities as well as building resilient homes and rural properties. He is best known as co-originator of the Permaculture movement, which incorporates universal principles for site analysis and planning for fire.

Helen Hennessy, Community Engagement Officer with South Australia’s CFS, addressed the ways in which individuals and communities can be helped by the organisation and the specific lessons learned from recent fire events.

Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges National Resources Management Board was represented by Tony Fox who provided knowledge and information about the way they can assist with rebuilding property and land management after fire

Environmental Science and Media filmed the evening and have provided videos for those who couldn’t make it, or for those who wish to revisit the presentations of the evening.

Part 1 – Introduction to Forum & Transition Gawler

Part 2 – Helen Hennessy – CFS – overview of Sampson Flat Fire

Part 3 – Tony Fox – Natural Resources AMLR Gawler Office – Sampson Flat Fire Recovery

Part 4 – David Holmgren – Permaculture – Bushfire resilient landscapes

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