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2015 Transition Gawler Calendar

For those who were at the Sustainable Living Festival, you might have seen the calendar we have made up for 2015 featuring photos from Transition Gawler “things” over this last year. Some of these photos are of events that have been held by Transition Gawler in 2014, others are from events and get togethers that were organised by members of the Facebook Group “Transition Gawler Chat Group“.

So if you haven’t completely shifted into the digital world, and would like to see some of these lovely photos hanging on your wall each month, feel free to download the pdf file of this calendar from here and print and bind it for yourself or family members, who might appreciate it.

We would love to have this as a yearly thing we do as part of Transition Gawer, to be able to look back and reflect on the year gone past, and so we are eager to hear what you think of the 2015 Transition Gawler Calendar, and what you might like to see in the 2016 Transition Gawler Calendar. If we have enough interest we will endeavor to have some of the 2016 Transition Gawler Calendar professionally printed and available to purchase (we had hoped to do this for this year, but the end of the year crept up on us a little bit too quickly and we would hate to have printed calendars go to waste)

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Garden Blitz – Saturday 28th June 2014 – Willaston – POSTPONED

UPDATE: Due to bad weather being forecast for this weekend we are cancelling the Garden Blitz for this weekend and will hopefully reschedule it for a weekend with weather more conducive to being out in the garden.  

Ok its time for another Transition Gawler Garden Biltz, this will be the second one for Transition Gawler.

These events are great opportunities to not only lend a helping hand to others but is a great way to get meet and get to know some of your fellow community members.

This Garden Blitz will be held on the Saturday afternoon (28th June 2014) and will focus on planting out 100 tubestock plants from the  Understory Project (being run by the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre), spreading some mulch and then have a shared meal afterwards.

If anyone is interested feel free to comment here or contact Andrew and Miriam on 0427316976 or email email for more information.

Community Garden update from the Gawler Community House


We have recieved news from the Gawler Community House that the Community House Board decided at their last meeting that they would no longer pursue the Community Garden to be located on the parklands at the rear of the Community House.

News is that there had been issues with the council giving permission to have the soil tested as was required to progress with changing the land behind the Community House into a Community Garden.

The Community House has decided instead to create a Kitchen Garden within the current boundaries, running it as a training venture for the community, utilising the current raised garden beds and turning them into wicking beds.

The Kitchen Garden will be used to educate the Community about how to build and grow, and use edible produce using sustainable methods. It is anticipated the Community house will use the produce grown to teach Basic Cookery, as well as for Community Lunches, Xmas Dinner and possibly marketing through the Op-Shop.

If you would like to find out more or volunteer and help with the Gawler Community House’s Kitchen Garden, contact Colleen Moyne at the Gawler Community House on (08) 8522 4601 or email or via their Facebook page


Whats been happening on the Facebook Group lately?

Lately on the “Transition Gawler Chat Group” there has been a bit of discussion around cheese-making and bike riding!

Spring plantings, massive log moving (by hand and yes we did it!) more bike riding, sharing gardening magazines, bird feeders, firewood, seed savers festival, and yet more bike riding!!! (apparently we can’t get enough of it)

As usual in the days leading up to the Gawler Garden and Produce Share there was a bit of chatter about who could and couldn’t make it this fortnight and what people were planning to bring, and what others may be interested in.

Then there were the usual “can anyone help ID this plant” posts and offers of things people have or have come across which others might be interested, such as plants, jars and shredded paper for mulch or animal bedding.

If these sound like conversations and things you would like to be involved in feel free to join the Facebook Group here, and jump into the conversations, or start your own.

Come and visit our Virtual Community Garden

We have set up a Virtual Community Garden and would love to hear your feed back. We would like it to be an interactive place, which may mean that some changes are made in the future, but this is a starting point.

Come and visit the Virtual Community Garden here

If you would like to be part of our Virtual Community Garden please feel free to email your photos to us at

If you would like to talk “gardening” or ask any questions, have weeds or insects identified, find out what to do with your excess produce, what to plant now,  or just get to know others in our community come along to the fortnightly Gawler Garden and Produce Share every second Saturday at Apex Park, (at the picnic BBQ’s and tables on Julian Tce, Galwer) and/or join our Facebook Group “Transition Gawler Chat Group

Garden Blitz planned for Saturday 26th April 2014 – Willaston

Is anyone interested in helping out with a bit of a “Garden Blitz” on Saturday 26th April, from about 1:30pm, in Willaston?

General plans are to fix up some wicking beds which have developed some leaks, re-organising some irrigation, and some general tidying up, then have a shared meal afterwards.

If anyone is interested feel free to comment here or email for more information.

CORENA’s “One Dollar Challenge”

One of Tansition Gawlers recent projects has been to connect CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) who were looking for small scale projects (they have already completed one), the Gawler Community House, who wanted to install solar power to reduce their costs, but didn’t have the funds to be able to do so on their own, and a local (small scale) company, Down to Earth Sustainable Solutions, who are doing energy audits and designing the Solar PV system they require. The result is that it was picked as CORENA’s second “quick win” project!!!!!!

Now its just a matter of waiting for the funds to build up so they can go ahead.

The concept of this is that CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) are currently crowd funding (looking for donations) to enable these projects to go ahead – they don’t rely on government handouts or grants.

Once enough money is raised and the project goes ahead, the organisation (in this case the Gawler Community House) then pays back the money in the form of an interest free loan from the savings they are making on their energy bills.

That money which is paid back then is re-invested into the next project, allowing another community organisation to install solar power and/or energy efficiency measures, and so the cycles goes, eventually becoming self sustaining.

Already the first project (7kW Solar power installed at Tulgeen Disability Services, in Bega NSW) has started to pay back money ($1000) which will go towards this next project in Gawler, and the money the Gawler community house then repays will go to fund the next project and so on, eventually becoming self sustaining.

An anonymous donor has promised to donate $2000 if 2000 people donate $1 each, currently the count is at 225 people (as of 29/3/14) so there is still a way to go yet.

If you can donate (even just $1) please do, and also feel free to help spread the word.

Remember that “If we wait for the governments, it’ll be too little, too late, if we act as individuals, it’ll be too little, but if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time”, so lets act as a community and get the word out there and make these projects happen!!!!

See for info on how to donate.

Soft Plastics Recycling trial a success!!

We have recieved the following news about the recent Soft Plastics Recycling Trial which has been happening in Gawler.

NRC logo

Soft Plastics recycling- Gawler

A very important trial is currently happening in Gawler; kerb-side soft plastics recycling. Although only relatively small in scale, it is one of the first such programs in Australia.

Soft or flexible plastics make up one of the largest proportions of the general household waste stream that is not being currently recycled. There are many reasons why it has not been recycled previously, including difficulties in handling and processing and convenience for people.

In mid July this year, NAWMA and Visy, in conjunction with the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre (NRC), ran a small trial of the practicalities of collecting soft plastics through the kerb-side recycling bins. This trial was only for households in Gawler with a collection on a Friday.

The trial involved placing soft or flexible plastics into a supplied yellow bag, securing it off with the supplied tie and placing it in the normal household recycling bin (yellow lid).

The trial looked at the type of bag that would be strong enough to use, how the sorting process would occur back at NAWMA and the quality of the plastic collected. On all accounts the trial was successful.

A good outcome from that initial trial in July was the extension of the trial for a longer period. The extended trial is still only for Gawler households with the Friday morning pickup.

One of the aims of extending the trial is to gain more information and experience about this form of kerb-side recycling that can feed into a potentially larger, separate trial in the near future.

So, firstly what are soft or flexible plastics? Any plastic, that when scrunched up by hand, does not reform back into a shape, is called a soft plastic.

These include:

  • Shopping bags (thin plastic)
  • Vegetable bags used in supermarkets etc
  • Bread bags
  • Biscuit packets
  • Lolly packets
  • Pasta and rice bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Cling wrap

At the moment we are not collecting the metal backed plastics, although we may in the futureFrom this ongoing trial we have also leant a few important lessons.

The first is to squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag before tying it off securely. When the bags go into the truck, the load is ‘half’ compacted. This puts pressure on the bags. When they reach NAWMA they go through a big rolling drum that allows different materials to drop out along the way. In this process the bags are tumbled around with all the other material, so if there is a lot of air left in the bag, the chance of it splitting increases as it is goes through the different stages.

The other issue to think about is that the plastics need to be clean, that is free of food wastes. So, for example no bread crumbs in packets etc. There have been concerns raised about packaging with meat juice still in it. Some people rinse off all the juices, let the plastic dry and then place it in the yellow bag, but if you prefer not to do this, it is best not to put this material in your yellow bag, as it could create a health hazard for you.

Another issue is dirt in with the plastic. We should keep the plastic free of dirt etc, but in most cases the plastics we are collecting are from inside the house, so this may not be a big issue, but be very cautious about including soft plastics that have been out in the weather for a while and may be contaminated with dirt etc.

At the moment there are around 50 families collecting for the ongoing trial. NAMWA is happy for more households to join in. So if you are a Gawler resident and would like to recycle your soft plastics, please let Emily at the NRC, or myself know so we can get things organised.

Also, if you need more bags, just contact Emily or myself know and we will make sure you get them.

To recap, for the normal fortnightly recycling days in Gawler, put your yellow bag with your clean soft plastics (flattened out and securely tied) into your recycling (yellow lid) bin.

Hopefully over time we will see large amounts of this plastic being diverted from land fill. Great stuff.


Paul Koch

17th October 2013.

0431 866 586

This is great news and we would like to encourage more people to get involved.

Contact Paul Koch on the details above or Emily at the NRC if you need more yellow bags or if you would like to be involved

ph: (08) 8523 7715



Be part of a new Gawler recycling trial!

The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) and VISY Industries are working to devise a program which will remove soft plastics from the waste stream. The program will look at how soft plastics can be placed in the yellow lid recycling bin in a separate, clearly marked plastic bag. This special bag will allow sorters at the recycling facility to remove the bags and their contents for recycling. The strength of the bags needs to be tested to ensure breakages will not occur before and during travel to the facility.

This trial will also allow VISY and NAWMA staff to fine-tune the system and start to measure how much soft plastic could be diverted from landfill.

Some dates are yet to be confirmed, however, the trial will involve you collecting your soft plastics starting now, put them in special bags that will be available around late June, for the 1 day trial mid-July.

Want to get involved?

If you live in the Gawler region and want to get involved in this initial trial please contact Paul Koch -Town of Gawler Councillor, by a text on 0431 866 586 or e-mail or Emily Griffiths, NRC Coordinator at

In Transition 2.0 film night

Thank you to everyone who came along to see ‘In Transition 2.0’. The night was a combination of film and presentations about how Transition Galwer had progressed over the last couple of months since our first film night.

Those present were asked to nominate the projects Transition Gawler were planning for the year that they would like to get involved in. Thanks to all those who niminated themselves and we will be in touch soon to get things moving.

For those who could not be present we will send out the form to nominate your interest to also help with the projects in 2013, and we will put our presentation up as well.

Look out for the monthly newsletter and other notices of event coming up soon.

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