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Gawler Garden and Produce Share

A fortnightly WEEKLY “Fruit and Veg Swap” by a different name


We meet each Saturday, Pioneer Park near the Rotunda around 10:45am for an 11am start.

To find out more contact us or join us on the Transition Gawler Facebook Chat Group or check out the Gawler Garden and Produce Share Facebook page

Have you got too much silverbeet growing in your garden? Would you like to swap and share with other local gardeners? Or would you like to grow your own fruit and veg but don’t know where to start? This is a new way to quickly find new homes for your excess, take home some goodies, and learn from other more experienced gardeners.

The Gawler Garden and Produce Share originally started in the Winter of 2013 (25 May 2013 was the initial gathering) as a monthly gathering between a small group of like minded individuals who wanted to share the goodies from their garden, and minimise the amount which went to waste. (Read more about how the Gawler Garden and Produce Share started, and some of the ideas and thought behind it here)

The “Rules” are fairly simple and as follows:

  1. If what you bring doesn’t get taken by others, you are responsible for taking it home.
  2. If it relates to “garden” and/or “produce” then feel free to bring it along to share (as long as Rule #1 is adhered to)
  3. Homemade and home grown is preferable, but if you have excess of food you have bought in bulk, feel free to bring them along for others to share rather than having them go to waste.
  4. It is a “Share” so no “trading” or “swapping” occurs, you bring what you have as excess and take what you can use.
  5. In light of Rule #4, connecting with others and organising “trades” or “swaps” outside of the Gawler Garden and Produce Share is encouraged and welcomed
  6. You don’t have to have bring anything to be part of the share, whether that is because there isn’t much happening in your garden, or if you are new to gardening. We welcome anyone who is interested, especially people just starting out, and feel that over time what you give and take evens out.
  7. No fees, no membership, come along as you are able to.

Next Gawler Garden and Produce Share: Check out our Calendar here

Time: Put produce out at 10:45am to swap at 11am

Location: Pioneer Park near the rotunda


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