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To learn more about Transtion Gawler’s cycling activities click here.

Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are increasingly popular to get a load from A to B. Click here for more information.

Bike Trailers


An alternative to cargo bikes (and generally much cheaper) are bike trailers. We bought this one recently (from Star Cycles at Elizabeth) and it is great for a picnic, or a trip to the supermarket.

Electric vehicles

New fully electric vehicles are available on the Australian market now. See this blog for ev information, or visit the Australian Electric vehicle Association here

The Nissan Leaf is the car I am daydreaming about at the moment! Here are some quick points:

  • 100% electric motor
  • Up to 170km on a full charge
  • Control many car features from your smart phone
  • Satellite Navigation and Reversing Camera with Predictive Path Technology
  • “ANCAP 5-star safety rating


Gawler train station bike lock up cage


If you have been wondering how to use the big bike lock up cage at Gawler train station visit the DPTI website here










For those of you who have read to the bottom of this page here is an idea!

Perhaps Gawler is not quite ready for this yet but it sure looks better than a rubbish truck, and it home delivers steaming vegetable fertiliser. For the full story visit


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