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Transitions Film Festival

The Transitions Film Festival is Australia’s largest solutions-focused sustainability film festival. The festival showcases powerful, inspiring and ground-breaking films from around the world. Covering topics such as renewable energy, organics & permaculture, economics, design and consciousness, the festival hopes to share and inspire the change needed to create true social and environmental sustainability.

After an enormously successful and well-received program in Melbourne (February 2013) and Darwin (June 2013) the Transitions Film Festival heads to Alice Springs in October and Adelaide and Tasmania in November.

Festival Dates

Alice Springs – 24th and 25th October 2013- Alice Springs Cinema and Olive Pink Botanical Gardens Adelaide – 1st -10th November  2013- Mercury Cinema Tasmania – 5th – 7th November – Hobart, Launceston, Penguin Melbourne – February 2014 – Cinema Nova

In Transition 2.0 film night

Thank you to everyone who came along to see ‘In Transition 2.0’. The night was a combination of film and presentations about how Transition Galwer had progressed over the last couple of months since our first film night.

Those present were asked to nominate the projects Transition Gawler were planning for the year that they would like to get involved in. Thanks to all those who niminated themselves and we will be in touch soon to get things moving.

For those who could not be present we will send out the form to nominate your interest to also help with the projects in 2013, and we will put our presentation up as well.

Look out for the monthly newsletter and other notices of event coming up soon.

Presentation by KW

Steering Committee Strategic Planning

Transition Gawler’s last Committee Meeting was focused on strategic planning for the activities that need to occur over the next 12 months.

We were glad to welcome some guests to the meeting and tap into their ideas and enthusiasm for transition to help with the planning process. Thank you to Suzie, Susan, Mark and Rory. Your input was very valuable. We also thank Chris Thornton from Uni SA who has proposed incorporating Transition Gawler into his PhD research about what gets people involved in ‘transition’ movements. This is an exciting research project that you will be able to find out more about over the coming months as we post further information about it.

The night was focused around three main topics ‘Raising Awareness’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Organising a great Unleashing event’. (This will see us become an offical ‘Transition Initiative’).

In progressing with ‘Raising Awareness’ we planned how to continue to get the Climate Change and Peak oil discussion out into the Gawler community. We looked at the long list of suggested projects from the first film night and found three projects under each of the themes (food, transport, energy etc…) and started to plan a timetable of events. We also spent time dreaming up what a great Unleashing event might look like and when to hold the event. You will be able to hear more about all this in the discussion to be held at the movie night planned for 30th April.

Finally we thank Mignon and staff at Conversations Cafe for hosting the night. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and hospitality of the evening.

In Transition 1.0 film night success

A big thank you to those who came along to Transition Gawler’s first event, the showing of ‘In Transition 1.0’ the movie and participated in the visioning exercise afterwards. We have recorded all your ideas and visions and are in the process of setting up a poll to see which of the many great ideas are the most popular for us to get started on.

The Steering Committee had a great time organising and participating in the event and the feedback since has been great, so thanks! We are now starting the organisation of the next film and interactive night, so if you would like to assist contact us.

Here is a link to all the great ideas you posted on the walls under each of the themes on the night.


The End of Suburbia

This 52 minute documentary really makes you think about how we got to where we are and do we really want to continue down the same path.

Many Transition Initiatives have shown this documentary to raise awareness of the issues that communities like Gawler need to address. Issues such as transport, land use, fuel consuption and many more.


The change is coming

Transition cartoonA friend sent this cartoon to me the other day. I don’t think it was specifically produced as a ‘Transition’ thing but it speaks to me in the same way that the Transition movement does. Lots of people togther pushing for change in the same direction allowing for a new way of life to follow after the initial hard work of rolling out the grass. Join us in pushing together.