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Meet the Transition Gawler Steering Committee


Tom Brdanovic: Chair

Tom was born in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and owns Tandem Energy with his wife Rachel, who grew up in Gawler.  Tom is an accredited solar designer with a passion for energy efficiency, renewable energy and efficient design. He has also completed a Permaculture Design Course at the Food Forest. He sees Transition Gawler as a way to recreate the close community connections he enjoyed growing up.


Miriam Yip: Secretary

I’m Miriam and I’m a daughter, sister, aunty, wife, mother of three, neighbour, local small business owner and friend to some.  But before all of these titles, I am an earthling.  I live on this planet, my body co-exists with a biome of bacteria, there’s fungus in my fridge, and bugs, birds and possums in my garden.  I’m a news junkie, podcast devourer and all round good guy (I hope).  I believe wholeheartedly that the way to a sustainable future is through sustainable communities, comprising of people who are aware of their place in this world and understand the importance of decision making with regards to our own purchases and household impacts, and the influence we can have upon on decision makers at the local, state, national and global level.


Rachel Brdanovic: Treasurer

Rachel owns Tandem Energy, an energy consulting firm, along with Tom.  She completed a Master of Sustainability in 2013 and is interested in sustainable education as well as waste management and reduction.  She enjoys the community connections and sharing culture that Transition Gawler encourages.  Tom and Rachel have five children but remain mostly sane.


Sara Dennis

Hi, I’m Sara.  When growing up, one of my favourite shows was ‘The Good Life’, so that would be my ultimate dream to achieve.  I am a wife, and mother to 2 children and currently a teacher at Blakeview Primary School.  I have lived in the Gawler area my entire life, and try and be an active member of the community; I am a committee member with the Gawler Environment Center, I am part of the Gawler section of Sing Australia, I am a member of the Southern Barossa Scouts and have strong ties to the Northern Knights – the northern volleyball club started right here in Gawler!
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  1. Baz #

    Fantastic to see the team behind such a great initiative! We’ve got 4 kids with another on the way (Tom and Rachel we’ll need to talk!) so Fridays at the pub sounds good for me who loves a beer….. but not so great to include everyone, which is what community is all about! Any ideas for more family oriented gatherings?

    March 25, 2015
    • Hi Baz,
      The Gawler Garden and Produce Share is a way of meeting up, with room for the kids to run around, also another ‘High Tea on Wheels’ is planned for early June. We look forward to seeing you there sometime.
      Kath Warhurst

      April 27, 2015

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