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stock-photo-710079-big-wooden-knitting-needlesI recently came across this newish Australian magazine called “Peppermint”, with a Google byline of ‘vintage organic recycled fair trade sustainable fresh green fashion’ it sounded pretty good to me!

There were some really interesting articles on the website, and some of the ideas I have gleaned were an “unfinished craft project swap” , a UK ‘needlework initiative’ called ‘Sew it forward” that aims to “bring back needlework such as knitting and sewing, through a series of social events where you can get ‘hands on’” and “is also a refreshing response to our fast fashion culture and actually equips people with the skills to repair, restore and update their existing fashions”.

The magazine is also promoting an event called “Tailoring, Tomorrow” which is all about sustainable fashion.

It all made me think how many lovely arts and crafts could be incorporated into the Transition Gawler journey. So maybe we won’t be sitting around knitting our own undies, or wearing Don Dunstan’s old safari suits. This magazine gives us hope for a sustainable AND stylish future!

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