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Join us for a Pizza Oven display and netted garden tour in Gawler East – 7 March 2015, 11am to 2pm

One of our Transition Gawler Chat Group members has offered to open up their back yard to a pizza oven display and tour of their netted garden in Gawler East

If you have ever wanted to build your own pizza oven this might be the perfect opportunity to see one in action, taste pizza freshly cooked in it, learn about how it was built and even view the plans, moulds etc. which was used.

Saturday 7 March 2015 11am to 2pm
BYO pizza toppings and drinks.

RSVP by emailing TransitionGawler(at) (replace the (at) with the @ symbol) or join the conversation at

Remember to keep an eye on our Calendar for other events which may be of interest

‘Gawler Transition to Solar’ Bulk Buy program – join up now!

Have you been thinking of installing solar but it’s never been quite the right time?  Guess what, now is the right time! If you are interested in saving 25% (yes, really!), join up for the solar panel bulk buy.

Transition Gawler has recently partnered with local business, Down to Earth Sustainable Solutions, to offer solar panels at a great price.

Increasing the amount of renewable energy produced in Gawler is a key aim of Transition Gawler.  This contributes to our key objectives to reduce our CO2 emissions, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and empower residents.

Due to the impending RET Review and the possible negative effect this will have on solar prices, we wanted to give everyone a chance to get solar asap!

There was a public meeting on 7 August 2014 to launch a bulk-buy scheme in conjunction with Down to Earth.

Down to Earth Sustainable Solutions are offering the complete service…from site inspection, bulk buy coordination, installation and warranties.

More information about the solar panel offer can be found on Gawler Transition to Solar Facebook page here, or download the GAWLER TRANSITION TO SOLAR leaflet.

If you would like to learn more call Down to Earth Sustainability Solutions – Rachel: 0407 775 868 or Tom: 0411 403 257


If you would like to stay informed about what Transition Gawler is doing make sure you have subscribed to our Mailing List

(this email was sent out all those on our mailing list)

*Transition Gawler does not receive any financial benefit from this project. Tom Brdanovic is a Transition Gawler steering committee member.

Gawler Solar Panel bulk-buy project

The Transition Gawler Energy Group are planning a solar panel bulk-buy project to make getting solar power on your home simpler and easier. We will be holding an Information Night on the evening of the 7th August starting at 7.30pm at the PA Hotel. If you would like to find out more before then please email us and keep and eye out for more information posted on this website and our Facebook page.

CORENA’s “One Dollar Challenge”

One of Tansition Gawlers recent projects has been to connect CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) who were looking for small scale projects (they have already completed one), the Gawler Community House, who wanted to install solar power to reduce their costs, but didn’t have the funds to be able to do so on their own, and a local (small scale) company, Down to Earth Sustainable Solutions, who are doing energy audits and designing the Solar PV system they require. The result is that it was picked as CORENA’s second “quick win” project!!!!!!

Now its just a matter of waiting for the funds to build up so they can go ahead.

The concept of this is that CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) are currently crowd funding (looking for donations) to enable these projects to go ahead – they don’t rely on government handouts or grants.

Once enough money is raised and the project goes ahead, the organisation (in this case the Gawler Community House) then pays back the money in the form of an interest free loan from the savings they are making on their energy bills.

That money which is paid back then is re-invested into the next project, allowing another community organisation to install solar power and/or energy efficiency measures, and so the cycles goes, eventually becoming self sustaining.

Already the first project (7kW Solar power installed at Tulgeen Disability Services, in Bega NSW) has started to pay back money ($1000) which will go towards this next project in Gawler, and the money the Gawler community house then repays will go to fund the next project and so on, eventually becoming self sustaining.

An anonymous donor has promised to donate $2000 if 2000 people donate $1 each, currently the count is at 225 people (as of 29/3/14) so there is still a way to go yet.

If you can donate (even just $1) please do, and also feel free to help spread the word.

Remember that “If we wait for the governments, it’ll be too little, too late, if we act as individuals, it’ll be too little, but if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time”, so lets act as a community and get the word out there and make these projects happen!!!!

See for info on how to donate.

Transition Gawler’s First Energy Project



We are thrilled to be part of creating the second ever CORENA project. The Gawler Community House has been contributing to the local community for many years and we are happy to give such a great organisation a (solar powered) boost. In 2014 we will be establishing a Transition Gawler Energy group to further develop our partnership with CORENA.

Donate now – follow this link

We will work with the Gawler Community House to investigate specific fundraising events and to generate local media interest, and we will be promoting the Gawler Community House project at outreach activities such as:

  • our ‘Gawler’s Energy Evening Info session’
  • fortnightly Gawler Garden and Produce Share
  • our monthly ‘Crafternoon’ in the pub
  • monthly workshops, such as soap-making, vegetable wicking bed making, open gardens

Transition Gawler is establishing an energy group

Transition Gawler is establishing an energy group, that will look at clean energy solutions specially for Gawler and regions. Transition Gawler is interested in investigating the right mix of energy sources for Gawler. It might be energy efficiency help, community owned solar power schemes, wind turbines or maybe even a big project for baseload power such as concentrated solar thermal who knows! If you are interested in getting involved, contact Transition Gawler.

Right now Transition Gawler is already working with CORENA (Citizen’s Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) to fund solar and energy efficiency projects in Gawler the first of which is at Gawler Community House.

CORENA provides a practical and immediate way for ‘the people’ to collectively fund new renewable energy installations. CORENA finds worthy projects and organisations then ‘crowd source’ the funding. Transition Gawler looks forward to working with CORENA to bring more great projects to Gawler.

A rapid transition away from polluting fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas must occur in the next decade to avoid catastrophic climate change.

We will be meeting soon to plan an Energy info night to occur the week of ‘Earth Hour’. So if you are interested please contact us.

Clean renewable energy is the best way forward to meet the energy use of our community.

What you can do:

Join Transition Gawler Energy Group by contacting us-
Donate to CORENA’s great energy project –
Visit the Natural Resources Centre and hire the Home Energy Audit Kit
Get professional advice on your energy options –

Zero carbon house doors open for one last weekend

 The TS4 Living award winning zero carbon challenge home is open to the public for the last time this weekend – Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2013.

TS4 Living won the State Government’s Zero Carbon Challenge in 2012 to design and build a three bedroom zero carbon house at
Lochiel Park Green Village, in Campbelltown.

This award winning zero carbon house sets a new standard for contemporary sustainable design and construction. Completed in less than 16 weeks the house is zero net energy, carbon neutral in 32 years, uses 70 per cent less potable water than a conventional home, and connects the owners with the environment via daylight and native landscaping.

Brett Aylen and Paul Hendy of TS4 Architecture will be at Lochiel Park to showcase the home and answer any questions. For more information please visit

Opening times:

Saturday 5 October from 11am until 3pm

Sunday 6 October from 11am until 3pm


12 Mundy Mews,
Lochiel Park, Campbelltown, SA 5074


Brett Aylen, mobile 0423 151 093

Sustainable House Day – Sunday 8th September 2013

If you are interested in finding out more about how to make your house more sustainable, take this oportunity to  look inside houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind, and talk to owners, receiving unbiased advice.

Sustainable homes are opened for free, providing a fantastic opportunity for people seeking to make their homes or rental properties greener.

To find a participating house near you check out the list of open houses in South Australia here.

What is Sustainable House day all about? Here’s what the organisers have to say on their About us page:

Sustainable House Day started in 2001 as an initiative of the Australian Solar Council.

Over 200 homes opened their doors to over 40,000 people on Sunday 9 September 2012 as millions of Australians continue to embrace renewable energy, recycling and other practices designed to lessen our impact on the environment.

Homes opened for free, providing a fantastic opportunity for people seeking to make their own homes or rental properties greener.

Sustainable House Day gives people the chance to get a real-life look inside houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind, as well as the opportunity to talk to owners, receiving unbiased advice.

As event organisers we’re seeing greater investment in harvesting water and solar energy as communities realise our resources are finite and likely to become more expensive. By becoming energy efficient today, you’ll be on the front foot to save on energy bills and help the environment now and into the future.

Each year the average Australian household contributes 13 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere—enough to fill more than 700 balloons every day, while each household also draws an average of 73,000 buckets of water a year – enough for around 12 baths a day.  Do your bit to reduce this by getting involved with Sustainable House Day.

Once again local community groups across Australia will assist in the management of their area’s open houses and ancillary events.

Without the generous support of our national sponsors, EnviroShop, Yingli Solar and Apricus, Sustainable House Day would not be possible. Their invovlement enables the event to reach all states in Australia.

This year Sustainable House Day is managed by Adelaide based eveSolutions. eveSolutions  is owned and managed by Pia Vogrin, a Sustainable House owner and volunteer at previous Sustainable House Days.  As someone who is passionate about Sustainable Living, Pia is more than happy to answer any questions you might have – even before the day.  Pia’s contact details are below.

The aim of Sustainable House Day is to provide an enjoyable, informative day that contributes to local community awareness of sustainable living.

If you are interested in getting involved in Sustainable House Day 2013 we would love to hear from you.

Pia Vogrin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  0419 853 614