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Future Projects and Ideas

The Steering Commitee of Transition Gawler has come up with what we think are some pretty good ideas, some of which have already turned into successful projects within the community, but we do have to admit to being human and only having a limited amount of free time and energy to turn these ideas into reality.

So instead of letting them slip away unnoticed, we thought we would list them here and hope that others may like to take off where we have left things.

If you would like to be involved in any of these feel free to contact us.

Yard Waste to Great Tastes

orange-treeHow many fruit trees have you seen in your neighbourhood with fruit falling to the ground and going to waste.

The idea we had was that that fruit (or other produce) could be collected and  turned into “something” which tastes great.

This could incorporate workshops to help share the knowledge.


Gawler Bicycle Hospital

The idea is to have a space where people can learn to do basic repairs to their bicycles.

It could also be used to repair unwanted bicycles which could then be donated to others within the community.

It could be a place to hold workshops about basic bicycle maintenance

Equipment Share for Sporting clubs

Sick of buying brand new sporting equipment each year because the kids have grown out of last years shoes, uniforms etc, or maybe your kids started a sport then lost interest.

Wouldn’t it be great if those almost new (but no longer of any use to you) shoes/uniforms/equipment/etc could be used by someone else? This would not only help others financially, but would help to reduce the pressure put on our planet by reducing the resources we are using to buy “new” all the time, and reducing the amount which goes to landfill, everyone wins!!!

We have put a bit of thought into how this might run, but we just aren’t able to commit to making it happen ourselves, if you would like to help to turn this idea into a reality we would love to hear from you, and would love to give you as much support and help as we can.

Tool Library

Tool Libraries are not a new idea but as far as we know there isn’t one in Gawler.

The concept is similar to that of a normal Library, but instead of borrowing books you borrow tools. No need to find somewhere to store all those tools that you buy to do one job then never use again, borrow it from the tool library, do the job you need to do, then return it.

If you are keen to get something like this off the ground please contact us.

If you have any other ideas which might fit under the “Transition Gawler” banner feel free to Contact Us we are keen to hear from people who can make a difference in our community, and make things happen.



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