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Energy group

Transition Gawler has established an energy group, that will look at clean energy solutions specially for Gawler and regions. Transition Gawler is interested in investigating the right mix of energy sources for Gawler. It might be energy efficiency help, community owned solar power schemes, wind turbines or maybe even a big project for baseload power such as concentrated solar thermal who knows! If you are interested in getting involved, contact Transition Gawler.

Solar Bulk Buy

Transition Gawler and Down to Earth Sustainable solutions have teamed together to offer residents of Gawler and the surrounding areas the opportunity to install quality Solar panel systems which are tailored to each individual residents location and energy requirements, at a reduced price, if you would like to know more or want to get involved check out our this page.

Smoothy Bike

There have been many discussions between Leigh, Tom and Mark (most involving the sampling of some of our locally produced ales and wines) about combining their knowledge, skills and tools, and making a Transition Gawler “Smoothy bike”, to utilise the power of “human energy” to make smoothies. Watch this space to see if the achieve their dreams.


Transition Gawler workied with CORENA (Citizen’s Own Renewable Energy Network Australia) to fund a solar and energy efficiency project in Gawler, see here to find out more about CORENA’s second quick win project involving the Gawler Community House.

CORENA provides a practical and immediate way for ‘the people’ to collectively fund new renewable energy installations. CORENA finds worthy projects and organisations then ‘crowd source’ the funding.

A rapid transition away from polluting fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas must occur in the next decade to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Clean renewable energy is the best way forward to meet the energy use of our community.

What you can do:
Join Transition Gawler’s Energy Group
Donate to CORENA’s clean energy projects
Borrow home energy audit kit from Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre
Get professional advice on home energy efficiency and solar options
Contact Us

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