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Get On Your Bike Gawler (GOYBG) Electric Bike Group Buy – save up to 20% off

At the Sustainable Living Festival, recently held in Gawler by the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre there was a lot of interest in the electric bikes which were on display and able to be taken for test rides, even our newly Elected Mayor, Karen Redman took one for a spin and gave them the “thumbs up”.

For those who don’t know what Electric Bikes (or e-bikes) are, they look like normal bicycles but they have a small electric motor which provides the rider with “assistance” when they are pedaling, meaning that riding uphill, into head winds, or over longer distances becomes a lot easier. There are different levels of “assistance” that can be selected or it can be switched off. These bikes meet all the legal requirements to be able to be ridden legally on the roads in South Australia (See here for information about legal requirements for riding “power-assisted bicycles” on South Australian roads)

Ian Tooleys E-motion bike with gear sack on the back (the batteries are located in the frame)

As a result of the interest shown at the Sustainable Living Festival, Ian Tooley is coordinating a group purchase through Dolomiti on behalf of Transition Gawler.

The offer which Dolomiti has made is as follows:

  • Discount off the purchase price depending on how many bikes are purchased (we are hoping to get enough interest to get the 20% discount)
    • 5% discount for 1 – 5 e-bikes
    • 10% discount for 6– 10 e-bikes
    • 15% discount for 11 – 15 e-bikes
    • 20% discount for 20+ e-bikes

Also included:

  • 2-year warranty on all electronics. Lifetime warranty of frame.
  • Chargers, manuals and warranty documents
  • Free delivery
  • 1 on 1 demonstration on function and features of the e-bike

This link has more details and links within the PDF which will take you to the 23 page electric bike catalog for models which are available through this group buy.

The models that people tried at the recent Gawler Sustainable Living Festival included the BH Evo-Gacela, Jet and Cross.

There is capacity for this group purchase to include others who are outside of Gawler so please sthe word to others who might be interested so we can get the 20+ that is required to get the 20% discount!

Feel free to contact Ian Tooley 0418 848 696 who is happy to answer questions about the group buy and about the bikes, (as an owner and user of these bikes, not a sales person who has anything to profit from these sales) or to arrange test rides of his own bike.

Ian Tooley at the Gawler Garden and Produce Share

Ian at the Gawler Garden and Produce Share

Make sure you “like” the Get On Your Bike Gawler – GOYBG Facebook page and “join” the Get On Your Bike Gawler Facebook Group to chat with others or ask any questions you might have about cycling in and around Gawler

Get On Your Bike Gawler (GOYBG) brings you…….. High Tea On Wheels – Community Bike Ride – 1st June 2014


Get On Your Bike, Gawler (GOYBG) – Sunday 16th February 3.00pm @ P.A.

Hi Everyone,

You may have heard us talk last year of our intention to put some efforts towards effecting some real change in Gawler when it comes to the use of bikes as a means of transport in Gawler. This year we would like to do this in a number of ways but we need your help to make it happen.

Firstly, we would like to rekindle the fire that was started by the Gawler Bicycle Users Group (GBUG) of some years ago. There have been some great improvements in cycling path networks since that group disbanded but we reckon there is plenty more we can achieve to make Gawler a great place to ride your bike.

Secondly, with Adelaide hosting the international Velocity conference in May we would like to see an event occurring in Gawler that coincides with this event. What we have in mind is a family cycling event that blends a treasure hunt with orienteering (by bike) while taking teams or individuals to landmark sites of Gawler. We hope to do this in partnership with the Prince Albert pub and other local businesses.

Other ideas for down the track include bike maintenance workshops and fun cycling focused celebrations.

To get all this up and running we need help, so if you love the idea of making Gawler a better place to ride, wish your kids could ride their bike to school or just want to get involved with the Gawler Community join us for a chat on the 16th February (Sunday afternoon 3.00pm) at the PA (Prince Albert) and plan what needs to happen next.

Let us know if you would like to join us, contact Leigh on 0428 610 237 or reply via this email address.


Leigh Dalwood

Get on your Bike, Gawler

Transition Gawler has teamed up with Gawler NRC to promote cycling as a sustainable means of transport in Gawler. Firstly we will create the “Get on your Bike Gawler” steering group that will work with the community to develop a tailored action plan to make bikes an integral element of Gawler culture. The plan developed by the GOYBG steering group will be a long term tool to ensure the increased consideration of bike use as a means of transport, and the adoption of bike friendly practices across the whole community. Secondly we are creating the “Gawler Bike Hospital” which will be available to the entire community as a resource to bring people together to share bike maintenance skills, provide equipment and support, recycling of bikes and bike parts, and provide low cost bikes for those in need. We have a bunch of great ideas for “Get on your Bike, Gawler” and now we’re looking for more Gawler bike lovers to join us to make this happen. If you’re interested Contact Us.

An hour better lived

How much time do you waste sitting inside your car travelling from A to B? I’ve just been thinking how car transport affects the way we think about travel. I’ll give you an example from our family. Last Friday night, after a busy family week, we decided to go to dinner at a local pub. Often a car trip would have been in order, however feeling keen, and the weather lovely, we decided to walk there instead. It was a pleasant 2.4km walk with the bike trailer converted to a ‘pram’ for the 5 year old who had a cold. We had a nice meal, and headed home. The trip home along the new bike path by the river was not direct, but a lovely evening walk, and took us close to 1 hour to complete. Talking with a friend later she was a bit shocked at it taking an hour. Thinking about this later I realised car travel is often a bit like travelling in suspended animation, waiting for the trip to be over. But what we experienced in the walk home was an hour where we were all together as a family. The boys weren’t watching telly or on the computer, and instead were chatting with us and enjoying the walk. (and I could feel better about the extra cake and custard I had for dessert). That hour was not a wasted hour. It was an hour better lived.  And something I feel we will be doing a lot more.