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Another successful Garden and Produce Share

Another great Gawler Garden and Produce Share happened on the weekend.

Yet again we managed to fill up the table with excesses from our gardens, which is particularly impressive because most of us are in that “in between” time in our gardens where not too much is being harvested at the moment.

Along with the sharing of produce, there were discussions around potatoes, chickens and peafowl dust bathing and roosting habbits, using herbs to keep dogs out of the garden (and the antics of such dogs who wont stay out of gardens), purple garlic, broad beans and growing herbs from cuttings, and how the weather influences how they will strike or not.

A few of us admitted to having no idea how to use broad beans (which was rather surprising to Kathy), so hopefully sometime in the near future we will see a bit of a “how to guide” from Kathy about how to grow, harvest, prepare, and cook broad beans.

If you can’t get to the Share’s, but would still like to “meet” others and discuss these sort of things join our Facebook Group  “Transition Gawler Chat Group


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