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Whats been happening on the Facebook Group lately?

Lately on the “Transition Gawler Chat Group” there has been a bit of discussion around cheese-making and bike riding!

Spring plantings, massive log moving (by hand and yes we did it!) more bike riding, sharing gardening magazines, bird feeders, firewood, seed savers festival, and yet more bike riding!!! (apparently we can’t get enough of it)

As usual in the days leading up to the Gawler Garden and Produce Share there was a bit of chatter about who could and couldn’t make it this fortnight and what people were planning to bring, and what others may be interested in.

Then there were the usual “can anyone help ID this plant” posts and offers of things people have or have come across which others might be interested, such as plants, jars and shredded paper for mulch or animal bedding.

If these sound like conversations and things you would like to be involved in feel free to join the Facebook Group here, and jump into the conversations, or start your own.

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