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Homegrown seedlings for sale in Willaston

One of our members has some spare homegrown seedlings for sale in Willaston.

If any of these interest you, head over to the “Transition Gawler Chat Group” or contact Miriam and Andrew Yip on 0427316976 or email
From Andrew:

Pricing starts from 75c, or 5 for $3 for individual vegetable seedlings. Flowers and herbs are $1/pot and come as a clump of 5-6 seedlings.
The list of available seedlings at the moment is:

  • sugarloaf cabbages
  • cauliflower
  • some russian kale
  • marigolds
  • Pak Choy
  • corriander seedlings

These are grown in Willaston from open pollinated saved seed. They are raised in homemade compost and sand mix and raised without chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Also we will have frilly lettuce and soon we’ll have many more vegetable and herb seedlings to offer. Also looking to sell seeds in the future.

Remember if you would like to meet others who are interested in Gardening, or want to learn how to get started, come along to our one of our Garden and Produce Share days.

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