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2015 Transition Gawler Calendar

For those who were at the Sustainable Living Festival, you might have seen the calendar we have made up for 2015 featuring photos from Transition Gawler “things” over this last year. Some of these photos are of events that have been held by Transition Gawler in 2014, others are from events and get togethers that were organised by members of the Facebook Group “Transition Gawler Chat Group“.

So if you haven’t completely shifted into the digital world, and would like to see some of these lovely photos hanging on your wall each month, feel free to download the pdf file of this calendar from here and print and bind it for yourself or family members, who might appreciate it.

We would love to have this as a yearly thing we do as part of Transition Gawer, to be able to look back and reflect on the year gone past, and so we are eager to hear what you think of the 2015 Transition Gawler Calendar, and what you might like to see in the 2016 Transition Gawler Calendar. If we have enough interest we will endeavor to have some of the 2016 Transition Gawler Calendar professionally printed and available to purchase (we had hoped to do this for this year, but the end of the year crept up on us a little bit too quickly and we would hate to have printed calendars go to waste)

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