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Have a Workshop, its easier than you think!

By Miriam Yip

jills double dig

Community groups like Transition Gawler rely on the community getting together at events and doing stuff. Whats more fun than getting together at a workshop or garden blitz.

Everyone can host a workshop, it isn’t that hard. In the past 2 years we have hosted 4 activities from slabs to grafting, tree planting and double digging.

Heres a few things to consider when planning a workshop at your house.
1. Be a good host. Prepare your home/yard. Be mindful of elderly and the young kids. Remove dangerous items, secure valuables.

2. Plan the activities before hand ­ you don’t want people showing up with nothing to do. Make sure there is enough activity to go around. Busy people are happy people. have a range of activities so no one feels left out.

3. have a clear start and stop time. 3 hours per session with a food break in between works well. Or a shorter session with a cup of tea at the end.

4. Food for everyone ­ means everyone can eat. Not everyone eats meat, but everyone will eat vegan. Tea/Coffee/drinks snack station in a central location close to the activities.

5. Be open minded on the day, plans can change and people can bring some good stuff to the table.

6. Good dose of trust, there will be new people who you haven’t seen before, but maybe only met on social media. Make everyone feel welcome.

7. Make the most of the groups skill set. YOu want a compost heap in the corner of the yard but don’t know what to do. Ask around, you’ll be surprised who will put their hand up to lead the activity.

8. Take pride in what you have achieved and reward the team with a photo. A report back on FB and few photos is always welcomed and promotes further activity.

You’ll be astounded by the amount of work that could be achieved by a small/large team.

And hosting a workshop at your house will encourage others to put up their hands and have a go.

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