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Response from Diane Fraser

  1. Following the example of other similar councils across Australia, regarding action on climate change, what climate change mitigation and/or adaptation actions do you see as important for Gawler Council over the next 4 years? (For example

Irrigation, solar, led lighting. are all things council now strives to achieve

Ideally it would have been great if instead of Building the Desalination Plant, the money had been distributed over local councils so they could develop their own wetlands. water retention & water recycling. (Similar to Salisbury.)
That didn’thappen,sonow council needs to work closely with developers on reusing stormwater for our open spaces.

Onkaparinga Council have recently sent out a booklet on correct use of roadside bins, to all residents.
I would like to see NAWA do the same?


  1. Lots of residential development is happening in Gawler at the moment. Some concerns have been raised regarding subsequent financial and environmental impacts to the community and council, please describe your approach or concerns about the following two aspects: a.Ensuring, where possible, development incorporates sustainable design principles at design stage. b. Ensuring that ongoing financial and energy inputs, to council (e.g. in maintenance of open space areas after hand-back to council) are considered at design stage.

a. Would like council to have more say in the design stage of development. Unfortunately a lot of that is now taken away from council & run through State Govt. Planning Dept.

b. Would like council to have more say in design of parks & open space. (Using drought tolerant plants water retention & irrigation.)


  1. The future of sustainable food production and other rural uses in Gawler’s Rural Zone has been an issue for Gawler Council over recent years. Proposals include changing the Rural Zone to focus on more residential development. What do you see as the future for Gawler’s Rural Zone?

Contentious issue.
It is difficult for people to make a living out of small acreage. (water & labour costs.) So maybe answer is to allow reduction in size of acreage (5 acres).
I would not like to see our entire rural zone turned into residential blocks.


  1. Gawler has been a car reliant town, how would you encourage the adoption of sustainable transport options to help address Gawler’s traffic and car parking problems? (Eg. Footpaths suitable for bike trailers and prams, shade trees along footpaths, bicycle parking in the shopping precinct, water drinking fountains.)

The car park for Gawler Central could become multi storey. That would alleviate parking problems for those coming from Barossa, Freeling & even Clare. (This should be funded by Dept Transport & Infrastructure.)
If we had more bike storage, then more locals would ride to station.
More people are riding bikes today, although mainly for pleasure. We need to encourage them to ride more often.
We also need more bike racks at super markets.
Having been to Munster, in Germany, (the 2n d biggest city in Europe for bicycles) there are thousands of bikes at the train stations.


  1. Tell us about your ownpersonal initiatives to make your lifestyle sustainable.

My late husband & I were very conscious of environmental design when we built 23 years ago. Insulation, roof vents, living areas facing north, no windows facing west., verandas, carport & pergola covering nearly every wall & window of house.
I spend approx 10 months of year on rain water & have solar panels.

I participate in clean plastic collection & am very careful with recycling.
I have changed many aspects of garden with water wise plants & have dripper systems installed.

I have been involved with Gawler Community House now for 8 years & we have created a kitchen garden using wicking beds. Installed solar panels & are very conscious of recycling. Also involved in clean plastic collection.


Extra information supplied:

, Living in Gawler for 33 years, I have been a business owner and active member of the community including an Elected Member of Council 2010-2014. I have a sincere passion for Gawler and now retired, continue to enjoy contributing to the community by being a Board Member and Treasurer of the Gawler Community House. I am also Deputy Chair of The Suicide Prevention Committee. I regularly attend Community Service meetings to stay in touch with Gawler’s activities and development. I look forward to being an unbiased voice for our diverse and growing community.

Authorised by Diane Fraser 14 Sunnydale Ave Gawler East S.A. 5118


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