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Response from Paul Little

  1. Following the example of other similar councils across Australia, regarding action on climate change, what climate change mitigation and/or adaptation actions do you see as important for Gawler Council over the next 4 years? (For example

Re questions 1 I feel not enough is being done to sustain our two rivers as I feel that  both the North and South arms of the river needed to be properly sustained to promote the local wild life etc.  I would if elected try and  revegetate the banks  etc.


  1. Lots of residential development is happening in Gawler at the moment. Some concerns have been raised regarding subsequent financial and environmental impacts to the community and council, please describe your approach or concerns about the following two aspects: a.Ensuring, where possible, development incorporates sustainable design principles at design stage. b. Ensuring that ongoing financial and energy inputs, to council (e.g. in maintenance of open space areas after hand-back to council) are considered at design stage.

Re point 2.  As you can see by my attached flyer I have always been interested in open space it is good for the environment and good for our children’s health.


  1. The future of sustainable food production and other rural uses in Gawler’s Rural Zone has been an issue for Gawler Council over recent years. Proposals include changing the Rural Zone to focus on more residential development. What do you see as the future for Gawler’s Rural Zone?

Re point 3 when I was on the Council last 2001 I was one of the main advocates of the Green belt along with Tony Piccolo as we were the Reid Ward Councillors at the time.


  1. Gawler has been a car reliant town, how would you encourage the adoption of sustainable transport options to help address Gawler’s traffic and car parking problems? (Eg. Footpaths suitable for bike trailers and prams, shade trees along footpaths, bicycle parking in the shopping precinct, water drinking fountains.)

Point 4 has always been a problem in this town because of the way Col Light designed it.  The area has always been designed to accommodate  traffic and shopping and  I hope this can change but I doubt it.


  1. Tell us about your ownpersonal initiatives to make your lifestyle sustainable.

Point 5 see attached flyer and  you will see what I am interested in.  To finish off I was on Council when we bought in  Recycling and at that time I was black balled by other Councillors and Unions but after a discussion with them I feel we now have a great but not perfect solution.


Content from supplied document below:

 I am nominating for Gawler Council as I feel I can contribute to the smooth running of Council. I am a retired Police Officer and since retiring I have been involved in several Community activities.  Namely President RSL, Director on the Hospital Board, Director of Barossa Light and Gawler Football League.  I am a volunteer Pensions and Welfare Officer for Australian Defence Force. I have lived in Gawler for 41 years, married to Margaret with three adult children.  My main interest in standing is my interest in our Roads, Recycling, and the upgrade and maintenance of our sporting ovals and walking trails etc.   I feel I can constructively in Council uphold the value of honesty and accountability which will foster community confidence. This I feel can be done by looking at both current and future needs for this Council.     As a long standing member of the Gawler Community I feel I understand the needs of the Town and have a good understanding of what is required. I would deem it a privilege if you placed me number 1 on the Ballot Paper.  (must Vote for 10 candidates)

Authorised and Printed by  Paul Robert Little     5 Urwlin Ave Evanston Park 5116   0428440619


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