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Get On Your Bike, Gawler (GOYBG) – Sunday 16th February 3.00pm @ P.A.

Hi Everyone,

You may have heard us talk last year of our intention to put some efforts towards effecting some real change in Gawler when it comes to the use of bikes as a means of transport in Gawler. This year we would like to do this in a number of ways but we need your help to make it happen.

Firstly, we would like to rekindle the fire that was started by the Gawler Bicycle Users Group (GBUG) of some years ago. There have been some great improvements in cycling path networks since that group disbanded but we reckon there is plenty more we can achieve to make Gawler a great place to ride your bike.

Secondly, with Adelaide hosting the international Velocity conference in May we would like to see an event occurring in Gawler that coincides with this event. What we have in mind is a family cycling event that blends a treasure hunt with orienteering (by bike) while taking teams or individuals to landmark sites of Gawler. We hope to do this in partnership with the Prince Albert pub and other local businesses.

Other ideas for down the track include bike maintenance workshops and fun cycling focused celebrations.

To get all this up and running we need help, so if you love the idea of making Gawler a better place to ride, wish your kids could ride their bike to school or just want to get involved with the Gawler Community join us for a chat on the 16th February (Sunday afternoon 3.00pm) at the PA (Prince Albert) and plan what needs to happen next.

Let us know if you would like to join us, contact Leigh on 0428 610 237 or reply via this email address.


Leigh Dalwood

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