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Joe’s Connected Garden

Visit Joe’s Connected Garden this Saturday and Sunday (8th and 9th of February) for a wonderful day of information, entertainment, connection with other gardeners and low cost plant sales. Transition Gawler and Gawler NRC will be there.

Here at Transition Gawler we love seeing things like this happening, and encourage others to support people and projects like this, we hope they have a great open day, and inspire others to do something similar.

Here’ what Joe and Rosanne have to say about the connected garden (from the Joe’s Connected Garden Facebook Page):

This is a new kind of community garden where neighbours have joined together to link their gardens and share the harvests. It is not just about growing food but creating community and fostering respect for the earth and each other.

The gardens are lovingly tended by Joe Kielnerowski and Rosanne Parker assisted by friends, neighbours and local community gardeners and follow permaculture and organic principles.

We are increasingly understanding that is is impossible for two people to manage so much garden so are looking at ways of greater community involvement. We currently have some wonderful helpers who always go home with some plants or produce from the garden and hopefully information to enable them to set up their own gardens at home. We especially love mentoring families with young children.

Joe has formal tertiary qualifications in urban pemaculture design and is available for garden design projects.

In February 2013 nearly 1000 people came through as part of Open Gardens Australia and we would like to put on other events with an educational and conscious living focus. Please let us know what you would like! Suggestions are short courses on gardening and permaculture, film, music or meditation gatherings, discussion groups etc. There is also a small nursery specialising in warm/dry climate fruits, succulents and bromeliads. This is not a commercial operation but to raise money for the considerable expenses, especially water, of maintaining large gardens. We are members of the Rare Fruit Society of SA and grow a very large variety of fruit including Mediterranean, native, subtropical and exotics.

For inquiries re events in the garden, speaking engagements or to arrange purchases from the nursery please call Rosanne on 0402 140 219. Location of gardens is Elizabeth Grove, half hour north of Adelaide, South Australia.

Next Open Garden opening on 8 and 9 February 2014 – join us for a wonderful day of information, entertainment, connection with other gardeners and low cost plant sales.

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