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Ian Tooley’s responses to Questions on Climate Change


In this post we invited all the candidates in Gawler and surrounding councils to answer the 4 questions we formulated with respect to what their knowledge and stance is on climate change.

Here’s the response we received from Ian Tooley:

Question 1: What relevance do you see climate change issues having for Gawler Council over the next 4 years?

a) Not relevant

b) A bit relevant

c) An issue which council deals with among many issues

d) One of the more important issues for Council

e) An issue which should be at the centre of Council planning

d) One of the more important issues for Council

Question 2: What actions are you aware of where Gawler Council is currently taking action related to climate change?

I don’t believe that climate change has been an important issue for Gawler Council to date.

Some of the current councillors are definitely environmentally minded and they HAVE had a positive impact but lack the critical mass necessary to have a big impact.

New cycle tracks, flood mitigation, further developing our river parks and precincts and the like are definitely positive for the environment/sustainability/climate change but there is so much more that could and should be done.

Question 3: What actions do you think Gawler Council should be undertaking in the next 4 years related to climate change?

See response to Question 4

Question 4: What actions do you think Gawler Council should be undertaking with the broader Gawler community related to climate change?

My response to Questions 3 & 4, in no particular order, includes:-

  • Gawler Council joining ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (see
  • This association would provide valuable networks and resources for council.
  • Council viewing/considering all proposals and developments through the lens of sustainability.
  • Council pro-actively promoting sustainability; facilitating group purchases of water tanks and  solar PV for ratepayers and local business for example.
  • Council investing in energy saving and water saving infrastructure.
  • Council pro-actively supporting and promoting events and community groups that promote environmental and sustainability events, expo’s, demonstrations etc.
  • Transform Goose Island into a centrepiece for community gardens and community events.
  • Gawler Council setting aspirational targets for reducing energy and water consumption including an aspiration to be the first town in SA to be 100% powered by renewable energy!
  • Hosting/convening information sessions/meetings for rate payers on climate change-the reality and the solutions!
  • Facilitate vastly improved waste reduction, recycling and waste management.
  • Actively promote Gawler as a cycling, walking and historic-trail destination with green credentials!
  • Gawler council/tourist centre to provide FREE bike ‘hire’, including electric bikes. Other councils do, why not Gawler?
  • Gawler Council leading by example re climate change and sustainability!
  • Supporting local schools, clubs, child care/kindies and associations to transition to more sustainable practices and to promote Education for Sustainability.

I hope I have provided sufficient information and answered your questions appropriately.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance or provide additional information.

Kind regards,

Ian Tooley


Click here to see the list of those candidates who have responded

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