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Local Government Elections – Make sure you vote before 7th November 2014


If you are thinking of voting in the local elections, and you should, it is important to know how the voting works.

In the Gawler Council area there are 25 candidates standing for the position of Area Councillor and there are 10 spots.

The voting system is preferential which means you need to think about the order you put your votes. You must number at least 10 squares but you can number more if you want, and these later preferences can be important on the recounts.

Research shows that many people just number straight down the line but this can be a mistake! Think carefully about who you vote for, especially your top 3 preferences, because they are the people who will help guide our local area, financially, socially and environmentally, for the next four years.

Transition Gawler would like to invite all the candidates in Gawler and surrounding councils to answer the following questions we have formulated with respect to what their knowledge and stance is on climate change. Hopefully this will help others decide who they wish to vote for, or in deciding their preference votes.

 Questions for Candidates:

Answers can be provided as comments here, email us here , or via our Facebook Page.

1.What relevance do you see climate change issues having for Gawler Council over the next 4 years?

a) Not relevant

b) A bit relevant

c) An issue which council deals with among many issues

d) One of the more important issues for Council

e) An issue which should be at the centre of Council planning

2. What actions are you aware of where Gawler Council is currently taking action related to climate change?

3. What actions do you think Gawler Council should be  undertaking in the next 4 years  related to climate change?

4. What actions do you think Gawler Council should be  undertaking with the broader Gawler community related to climate change?

Links to Candidates responses:

Ian Tooley

Adrian Shackley

Morgan Smith

David Hughes

Kelvin Goldstone

Paul Koch

Karen Redman (Mayoral Candidate)

Martin Bailey

Diane Fraser

James (Jim) Buckoke

John Bolton (Mayoral Candidate)

Peter Graham (Mayoral Candidate)

We will update as we receive more responses

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  1. I am a deep green. That is to say every aspect of human living behaviour affects our earth. I decline to tick boxes which tend to trivialise the importance of the issues. I do not support “greenwashing” or politicising of basic needs. As Human animals we need clean air, clean food and clean water. There is no price which will buy these things from me and they are things which I consider in every decision that I make.. John Bolton

    October 30, 2014

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