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David Hughes’ responses to Questions on Climate Change

David Hughes

In this post we invited all the candidates in Gawler and surrounding councils to answer the 4 questions we formulated with respect to what their knowledge and stance is on climate change.

Here’s the response we received from David Hughes:

Question 1: What relevance do you see climate change issues having for Gawler Council over the next 4 years?

a) Not relevant

b) A bit relevant

c) An issue which council deals with among many issues

d) One of the more important issues for Council

e) An issue which should be at the centre of Council planning

C or D depending on the issues impact

Question 2: What actions are you aware of where Gawler Council is currently taking action related to climate change?

Council has taken the initiative and worked with some groups within Gawler and has been assisted with State and Australian Government funding.

• cycling and walking paths now working on linking the well-used paths to schools etc

• solar efficiency grants

• water saving measures

• recycling

• power usage measurements and working on high energy usage areas as identified

• energy efficient vehicles

• work within the North and South Para Rivers

• revegetation utilising local native species

Question 3: What actions do you think Gawler Council should be undertaking in the next 4 years related to climate change?

Ensure Climate change undertakings

• is part of all Council plans, policies and practises where benefits can be made

• it is assessed and utilised by Council Staff as a value adding tool

• used to assist future proofing our assets and infrastructure

• is part of training for staff and groups for the benefit of our community

Question 4: What actions do you think Gawler Council should be undertaking with the broader Gawler community related to climate change?

Council should be demonstrating good practises and working with groups in our community on climate change issues that can add value. It should be promoting its successes and failures and using measurements such as score cards as part of normal business reporting mechanisms. It will be open and transparent to enquiry on its climate practises.

Click here to see the list of those candidates who have responded

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