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Other Candidates general responses to Questions on Climate Change

In this post we invited all the candidates in Gawler and surrounding councils to answer the following 4 questions we formulated with respect to what their knowledge and stance is on climate change.

Question 1: What relevance do you see climate change issues having for Gawler Council over the next 4 years?

a) Not relevant

b) A bit relevant

c) An issue which council deals with among many issues

d) One of the more important issues for Council

e) An issue which should be at the centre of Council planning

Question 2: What actions are you aware of where Gawler Council is currently taking action related to climate change?

Question 3: What actions do you think Gawler Council should be undertaking in the next 4 years related to climate change?

Question 4: What actions do you think Gawler Council should be undertaking with the broader Gawler community related to climate change?

While most candidates who responded, did so specifically addressing each of the following 4 Questions we listed, there were a few who gave us a rather general response, while we wont say they “avoided answering the questions we asked” they certainly didn’t answer them directly. All of these candidates were invited to provide additional information to specifically address each of the questions we asked. We are still awaiting their responses directly answering our questions.

Here is what we have received to date:

James (Jim) Buckoke:

James Buckoke

Regarding your Email questions it is My opinion that We need to considerably lower our Carbon Footprint. I also feel that the Town of Gawler should lead by example.

There are many things that We as a Council could do, some passive but more that are ambitious and in My mind can be revenue neutral or even positively geared with profits going to other similar projects.

I hope this satisfies you questions. Regards   Jim Buckoke


John Bolton (Via the Transition Gawler Facebook page):

john Bolton

John Bolton: I am a deep green. That is to say every aspect of human living behaviour affects our earth. I decline to tick boxes which tend to trivialise the importance of the issues. I do not support “greenwashing” or politicising of basic needs. As Human animals we need clean air, clean food and clean water. There is no price which will buy these things from me and they are things which I consider in every decision that I make.. John Bolton

Transition Gawler: Thanks for your comments John. I sincerely hope the questions did not trivialise issues. They were designed to understand how seriously candidates take environmental issues and in particular climate change. One of the challenges for our political leaders is if they can recognise the gravity of our current situation. We hoped these question would enable those candidates with a deeper awareness of these issues to demonstrate their concern and interest. It is too easy for motherhood statements to give the impression of concern. In particular the use of generalised statements serve no function in helping voters understand the likely approach and actions of council candidates.
Kind Regards
Kathryn Warhurst
Transition Gawler

John Bolton: What is little known about me is that I built the first earth dwellings in this area. From the ground with my own bare hands. My family, my children, ate only the protein that we produced and we grew much of our own vegetables. I lectured a TAFE in earth construction and follow/ed the philosophy of animal rightsist Peter Singer. People see me now as a Barrister and Solicitor as though that is all that I am. If you choose to research into what I do for deep green, for women’s and children’s and aboriginal rights you could discern that from my web page . This is not a recent invention for campaign purposes but is part of who I have been for Forty years.. John Bolton

John Bolton: I hope to see my primary comment and my secondary comment published on your site. I agree lip service is of no value. It needs to be an underlying understanding of the issues. I have milked, by hand, many a goat, to provide milk for the mothers of children with cow’s milk intolerance. I have not enjoyed killing my stock to feed my children, but felt I needed to go through that to value the meat. My own blood, quite literally, is in the buildings that I have built from the earth. This could not be my primary platform for Mayor as people would see this as too earth oriented.
Make haste slowly. John Bolton


peter grahamPeter Graham

“i could respond with all the motherhood statements and answers that you are looking for, however that would be defeating the purpose of your survey

i certainly do consider climate change and other environmental issues are of significant importance when evaluating development and any other issues.. i surprised many when i supported the retention of the big river red gum tree…. a town centre icon

i have indicated all through my campaign that I’m available to call in and see at my workplace…however this week from tuesday night i will be away

it seems surprising that none of your group have dropped in to see me..although they may well have

i look forward to working with you all in the near future

regards pete graham”


Click here to see the list of those candidates who have responded

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